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At Stitch Baby + Kids, you'll find the coolest and cutest pj's, t-shirts, onesies & rompers for your children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews. You might also find something for yourself!

Hello! My name is Tracey and I'm the owner of Stitch Baby + Kids. As a mum of three gorgeous kids, I know what it's like to search and search for something you're looking for online, but not find it. After much planning, I've decided to start my own online store to help bring you the awesome onesies & tshirts that I hadn't seen online in Australia.

I hope that you love what I have in my online store as much as I do!

Our new packaging can be reused - so remember to keep the bag and use it again and again! I use mine as a nappy bag for my handbag :)

For any questions about the products at Stitch Baby + Kids, please use the contact form and I'll be in touch :)

Tracey x