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Some of the clothing items on Stitch Baby + Kids have slightly odd sizing, so I've made a quick rough reference guide so you can make sure you're choosing the right size when ordering your next onesie or romper.

If you are still unsure about sizing, please contact me with your child's measurements.

Width - I measure at the fullest part of the mid section - the belly!
Height - Measured from shoulder to crotch :)

**Measurements are all in CENTIMETRES (cm)**

Tuxedo Onesie & Tuxedo Onesie (Black)
1 year - 30W 41H
2 years - 30.5W 42.5H
3-4 years - 33W 46H

Batman Romper
7-12 months - 27W 40H
1 year - 28W 41.5H
2 years - 29.5W 42H
2-3 years - 30.5W 45.5H

Superman Romper
7-12 months - 26W 40.5H
1 year - 27W 43H
2 years - 29W 45H
2-3 years - 29.5W 49.5H

Toddler Tuxedo in Grey
7-12 months - 27W 43H
1 year - 29.5W 44H

Toddler Tuxedo in Blue
7-12 months - 28W 42H
1 year - 29W 43H
2 years 31W 45H

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